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San Francisco City Tour

When it comes to a tour of a city, then there is no comparison to that of an organised tour of a city like San Francisco. The open roads, the traffic, the bridges, the culture and the environment in general, all add to the flavor of fun, frolic and excitement. Add to this the pleasure of going in a limousine or an open double-decker, the enjoyment is enhanced even further. Actually all tourists who come to San Francisco must take a sight seeing tour of the city to get to know about this great and beautiful place. The city tours in San Francisco are organised by a number of agencies, some volunteering and some commercial. They both serve the same purpose. Make the tourist understand the city and get a feel of the spirit of the city.

The city tour in San Francisco caters to both the new as well as the old tourists. The ones who come for the first time are treated to a wealth of sights which they see for the first time and carry with them fond reminiscences. These city tour reminiscences bring them back and then they explore the city even more. The pleasure they derive in moving in the city in the vehicle of their choice, may it be a sedan, a van or even a Limousine is always enhanced by the vivacity of the locale and the people.

The bay area is of special attention with a number of tourist attractions lying on or near the bay area. Normally the tours are the San Francisco Loop or the Loop with a visit to the Alcatraz. The tour of the area takes a tourist through some of the major landmarks in San Francisco like the Fisherman’s Wharf, the Union Square, Nob Hill, Chinatown, North Beach, the Town Hall, The Golden Gate Bridge and also a ferry ride across the San Francisco bay.

Some special tours are also conducted where the tourist is given a taste of San Francisco’s night life. The city comes alive at night and a tourist must not miss the opportunity to venture and explore the lanes and by-lanes of San Francisco. The same is conducted by a personal driver and a guide in case the tourist wants it. Some city tours also have an arrangement for conducting a tour where the tourist sees the city from the air, takes photographs and sees the city in its full splendor. The tours of special importance in and around the San Francisco city are the wine tours in the Napa and the Sonoma Valley. There are also a few culinary tours of the exotic sea food cooking joints that be-spot the bay area. All in all, the city tour of San Francisco has much to offer to all who decide to come to the city and explore it for its beauty, culture and the night life.