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San Francisco Limousine Tour

You have dreamed about taking in all the sites of the San Francisco area for years and finally it is going to come true. You might have a guidebook to tell you about the different attractions and must see places to visit, but have you thought about transportation? A San Francisco limousine tour would be the perfect way to visit all the wonderful places San Francisco has to offer without the headaches of trying to find taxis or worrying about a rental car and finding a parking spot.

So how do you pick the best San Francisco limousine tour? The first step is to consider all the places you want to visit and activities you want to do in the Bay area during your vacation. Look for San Francisco limousine tour services that have packages of the major locations of the city. What would a trip be if you did not go to see the Golden Gate Bridge, or The Marina District, and do not forget China Town?

Most likely, you will be looking online for your San Francisco limousine tour. Here are a few tips to consider when looking for the perfect tour and service for you. Be sure the web site has pictures of the limo our sedan that will be escorting you around the town. You will want to be able to look at an example of the car that you will be renting. In addition, make sure the pictures also show interior photos as well.

On some web sites for San Francisco limousine tours, they indicate if the cars are smoke free or not. This could make a difference in the enjoyment of your tour. You might have to look closely for this as it could be in small print near the bottom of the page. Be sure to look at the policies of the company and read these closely. Not all San Francisco limousine tours have the same rules and regulations.

Before leaving for your flight, you should already know about your San Francisco limousine tour. First, make sure the company knows what your flight number will be so that they can meet you at the gate. Second, be sure to find out what the policy is for delayed or canceled flights. Some San Francisco limousine tours might keep your deposit unless you notify them within a certain amount of time. Others might ask you to reschedule for a different date or only keep half the deposit. Most San Francisco limousine tours will want to know if children and teenagers will be on the tour. You would definitely want to know the protocol of the service regarding teenagers if they are the only ones who will be riding in the limo.

The San Francisco area is a magnificent place to visit. To make the most out of your vacation and have as much fun as possible be sure to have all your plans well prepared in advance. That also means making sure your San Francisco limousine tour is the right one for you.