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San Francisco Wine Tour

The beautiful San Francisco region is the home to two of the most exotic wine producing county’s in the region i.e. The Napa Valley and the Sonoma Valley. The region, North of the San Francisco Bay area is a place for all wine connoisseurs, the novices as well as the novelty to go for a trip of exotic wine tasting. The area also boasts of some of the most picturesque areas for wine tasting trips and walking trips. Some of the wine trails in the area are truly life long remembrance experiences.

The two wine touring areas in the San Francisco area are adjoining each other and each boasts of a series vintage wine cellars. The wine tasting tours conducted by the touring services in the area take the guest on a day long trip in the vehicles of the guest’s choice. The guest is exposed to a series of wine cellars and is also briefed on the intricacies of wine making and the nuances of wine tasting. The guides who escort the guests are experienced hands in the routes in the area, the wine quality and the process offered.

A few people take upon themselves to chart their route and go without the expertise of a wine guide. They do so at their own peril. It is advised to move along with a certified tour guide because the information and expertise which he/she carries along is invaluable to a successful wine tour. The wine tour normally consists of a tour of the wine yard either on foot or in a vehicle. This is followed by a trip to the wine cellars. The wine casks are placed as per the vintage and the exact temperature conditions are maintained. The guests are exposed to the ways the wine is treated and then a formal wine tasting session is conducted. The wine tasting session is amongst the most popular activities in the entire tour. Mr Limo’s Limousine Services are one of the most experienced tour operators in the area.

Another popular activity in the region is to indulge in wine trail which are be spotted all along the Sonoma and the Napa valley region. These trails are frequented by travelers either on foot or special sedan/limousine services are conducted. The trails take a guest through numerous wineries and the corresponding wine tasting experience is indeed a very pleasurable experience.

The San Francisco area is one of the most active areas for both novice as well as experiences tasters of wine. The wine tours are very sought after and an experience which the guests remember for a long time. In case you are planning to come over to the San Francisco in the near future and like the taste of wine, don’t miss this trip to the wine tours of San Francisco. It’s a trip you will remember for ever.