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Sonoma Valley Wine Tour

The beautiful Sonoma valley, north of the San Francisco Bay area, adjoining the Napa wine region is known for its wine and the famed wine tours. The renowned Northern California Wine country, best known for its exotic collection of vintage wine cellars and the grape yards is a treat to watch and explore. It is best to take a conducted and a guided tour from an experienced guide and touring services available in the region. The pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the most customized and safest methods of wine touring is offered in the area is indeed one that you will remember for a long time. There are a few niche touring and wine sipping places in the Sonoma Valley which can really make the entire trip a very pleasurable one indeed.

Some people visiting the valley make their own plans to go through the touring all by themselves, stopping at the destined places and also making a beeline for the wine tasting. The bulk of the guests to this area however, take conducted tour of the area. Special touring service agencies in the area conduct a unique, all day-long wine tasting tour of the region where the guest is exposed to the nuances of wine testing and given a brief on the intricacies of wine making too.

This requires some special driving skills on the part of the driver and an intricate knowledge of the region and its wine. The driver is supposed to know the region as the back of his hand and we at Mr Limo’s Limousine Service can provide just that. The conducted tour of the Sonoma Valley that we provide is an exotic experience for all who take it. The guest is treated to a day long visit of the Sonoma Valley, it’s by lanes and the beautiful vineyards. The wine tasting experience is one of the best in the country. The car is at your disposal all day long and you have the choice to stop and enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley from within the comforts of the car, while a set of experienced hand drive you around.

We also provide the best in the “Sonoma Valley Wine Collection” directory. The rates are honest and they are tested to be the best in the region. The wine guide who escorts you to the wine yards also gives you a brief on the kind and quality of the wine produced in the region. The expertises of our wine guides are unparalleled in the Sonoma Valley Wine touring circuit.

If you are planning a trip this side of the country and are a novice wine taster, or even if you are a wine connoisseur, make it a point to go through this site in detail. It’s a great starting point to begin the tour planning the best advice available on the Sonoma Valley Tour guide is available here.