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Some of the major taxes that are collected in Florida are sales and use tax, intangible tax and corporate taxes. Since taxation is a wide subject, here we are going to known about the Communications service tax and the sales and use tax and also some of the instate service tax centers in Florida.

Communication service tax was established under the 2001 law. It was designed to restructure taxes on telecommunications, cable, direct to home satellite and all the other related services. Several different state and local taxes were replaced and consolidated with a single tax that was divided into two parts and that is the Florida communications service tax and the local communications services tax.

Some of the examples of services subject to the communication taxes are, local, long and toll telephone tax, cable television tax, direct to home satellite tax, mobile communications tax, private line services tax, pager and beeper, telephone charges by a hotel or a motel, facsimiles and also the telex, telegram and teletype taxes. Commercial tax information for all businesses included new businesses, new hire reporting, non-profit tax information, remote commerce registration and filings, resale certificates, sales tax bracket cards, contacts and online services.

Some of the taxation implies sales and use tax, sales tax which is applicable to the sale, rental, lease or license to use goods or certain services and commercial property in Florida unless the there is exemption of transaction which is specified. Before conducting or starting new business in the state, it is important to be registered as sales and use tax dealer. After the approval of registration, the business owner than receives the Certificate of Registration and Annual resale certificate and also the tax return forms.

Every dealer is responsible for the sales tax collected at the time of each sale made and also is responsible for remitting the tax for each collection period to the Department along with the form DR-15. On the tax return, it is important to accrue or remit any used tax. A return has to be filed even if the tax is not due. It is also important to notify the department if incase the business opening date changes to avoid a notice of Delinquency and a late filing penalty.

Some of the instate service centers to help with the taxation are: Alachua service centre, clear water service centre, cocoa service centre, Coral springs service centre, Daytona beach service centre, Fort Myers service centre, Fort pierce service centre, Hollywood service centre, Jacksonville service centre, key west service centre, lake city service centre, Lakeland service center, Leesburg service center, Maitland service center, Marianna service center, Miami service center, Naples service center, Orlando service center, Panama city service center, Pensacola service center, Port Richey service center, Sarasota service center, Tallahassee service center, Tampa service center and West palm beach service center.