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How to use the Mr. LIMO Rate Determiner

To Find Out How Much a Fare is.....

First go to the line that says: (Pick up)/(Drop off) in the orange box.  Click in the box to pick the combination of cities/locations that you are going from and to.  Click on the down arrow on the right and then scroll down until you find the city/location that you are starting from (PICK UP), a "/",  and then the city/location that you are going to (DROP OFF)  for example: SF/SFO. This would indicate from San Francisco City going to San Francisco Airport.   SFO is the abbreviation for San Francisco Airport, OAK for Oakland Airport, and SJC for San Jose Airport.  Once you have selected the combination from/to (PICK UP/DROP OFF) from the drop down menu click on it so that it is in the box to the right of the words (Pick up)/(Drop off).  Next choose the time that you want the car.  If this is for a departure use the time you want us to pick you up.  If this is an arrival use the time that the plane is scheduled to arrive.  Next choose how many extra stops there will be in addition to the drop off stop. The drop off location is not considered an extra stop.  Extra stops are additional stops along the way to the drop off location.   Finally on arrivals you will need to determine what protocol you would like to use for an arrival.  Click on the OPTIONAL Arrival Protocols and pick one.  If this is a departure you can skip this.  Once you have all 4 lines determined then click on the "Request Rates for Sedan, 6-pak, and 8-pak" to determine the rate for the requested routing.  These numbers have tax, license, bridge and tip figured in.  Ready to give it a try? CLICK HERE